Who should pay for the First Date?

Mar 06 2015

Who should pay for the First Date?

There has been a ranging debate on who should foot the bill on the First Date, some people have insisted on splitting the bill while others are fully convinced that man should pay the bill, there is also another school of thought which talk of either of the partner paying for the drinks or food, largely depending on what they both agree on. I belong to a school of thought which talks of a man paying the bill, some things are better remaining the same, traditions dictate that man takes charge, be in control take responsibility of the bills and more so on the First Date. Having said that it does not mean that the woman cannot chip in, if the man is not in a position to pay for the drinks, he should ask for assistance, but this should be an exception, perhaps when things are bad. A woman expects to be treated and therefore asking her to pay for the drinks or food will rub her the wrong way and probably that will be the last date. A man should be prepared on the first date, knowing too well that he will be expected to foot the bill, if he is not in a position to, perhaps the first date can wait until such a time when he has enough to cater, and again it does not have to be so expensive look for something affordable but exciting enough to make the first impression.

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