Rich and a Cheater, is it becoming more common?

Mar 06 2015

Rich and a Cheater, is it becoming more common?

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between cheating and wealth, rich men and women are more likely to cheat more than those who are less endowed. A study which was done among the male celebrities found out that the more rich they got, the higher the chances of infidelity. The same applies to women, those who are rich and in loveless marriages or relationship tend to have a clandestine affair and in most cases with men who are younger than them.

As men pursue wealth, they are normally busy with their business, constantly moving from one meeting to other chasing deals, they are normally in hotels meeting business partners. They are rarely with their spouses and partners, their relationships drift away to a point that some cannot be salvaged. In hotels, there are beautiful women who are normally attracted to their style and wealth, they are more likely to fall into temptation and have an affair. When alone in a business trip, they may get bored and seek the company of a beautiful woman, this may becomes the trend such that they end up keeping a clandestine affair with one or more women. The fact that they are rich means they are able to sustain these relationships, they can even manage to keep them secret for so long. All in all, there are people who despite their wealth are able to remain faithful to their spouses, these are the people who value their relationship and respect their partners.

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