Shopping Malls in and around Montreal

Where will you shop today?

Montreal is known to be one of the fashion capitals of the world. Enjoy!

Montréal is definitely one of the trendiest cities in the world! The locals combine trendy styles for a most unique look. With hundreds of designer boutiques, you will find lots of gems in and around the city, including the famous Underground City. The Montréal’s Fashion and Design Festival hosts the biggest names in fashion!


Montreal Shopping – Complexes and Streets

  • Atwater Market – Fresh produce and specialty items accessible from the Lachine bike path downtown. A great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning in the summer. Downtown, Montreal, (Lionel-Groulx Metro)
  • Carrefour Agrignon – Boulevard Newman, Montreal
  • Carrefour Laval – Shopping Complex, Hwy. 15 & 640, Laval
  • Centre de Commerce Mondial de Montreal – Boutiques, Restaurants, Downtown, Montreal
  • Chinatown – Restaurants, shops and food markets, not to be missed, Downtown, Montreal (Place Dames Metro)
  • Complex Les Ailes – Shopping Complex, Downtown, Montreal (McGill Metro, Underground City – McGill/Place Ville Marie Sector)
  • Complex Desjardin – St. Catherine St., Downtown, Montreal (Place-Des-Arts Metro, Underground City – Place-Des-Arts Sector)
  • Eaton Centre – Shopping Complex, St. Catherine & University, Downtown, Montreal (Underground City – McGill/Place Ville Marie Sector)
  • Fairview Pointe Claire – Shopping Complex, Highway 40 & St. Jean, West Island, Montreal
  • Le Faubourg – Shopping, pick up a bite at Hot & Spicy while you’re there, Ste. Catherine & Guy, Downtown, Montreal (Atwater Metro)
  • The Forum – Cinemas, shopping and more, Downtown, Montreal
  • Galeries D’Anjou – Shopping Complex, Montreal East (Atwater Metro)
  • Green Avenue – Antiques, An interesting shopping and dining area, Westmount
  • Jean Talon Market – Fresh produce and specialty items in Little Italy, Parc Extension, Montreal (Jean Talon Metro)
  • Marche Bonsecours – History, art galleries and shopping, Old Montreal, Montreal (Place Dames Metro)
  • Mont Royal (Société de Développment) – A facinating street to explore in the Plateau
  • Nortre Dame Street – Antiques, Downtown, Montreal
  • Place Alexis Nihon – Shopping Complex, Downtown, Montreal (Atwater Metro, Underground City – Alexis Nihon Sector)
  • Place Bonaventure – Shopping Complex, Downtown, Montreal (Bonaventure Metro, Underground City – McGill/Place Ville Marie Sector)
  • Place Montreal Trust – Shopping Complex, Downtown, Montreal (McGill or Peel Metro, Underground City – McGill/Place Ville Marie Sector)
  • Place Rosemere – Shopping Complex, Laval
  • Place Versailles – Shopping Complex, 7275 Sherbrooke St. East, Montreal East (Radison Metro)
  • Place Vertu – Shopping Complex, St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec (Cote Vertu Metro)
  • Place Ville Marie – Shopping Complex, Rene Levesque & University, Downtown, Montreal (McGill or Bonaventure Metro, Underground City – McGill/Place Ville Marie Sector)
  • Plaza Cote des Neiges – Shopping Complex, Cote des Neiges, Montreal
  • Plaza St-Hubert – 6841 Saint-Hubert, Beaubien/Jean Talon Metro, Montreal
  • Promenade St-Bruno – 1 des Promenades St-Bruno, Montreal
  • Le Quartier du Musee de Montreal – Upscale shopping in the area of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Sherbrooke St. and Surroundings, Downtown, Montreal (Guy Metro)
  • Saint Hubert Street – A bustling shopper’s street in Little Italy, Montreal
  • Saint Laurent Boulevard (The Main) – A fascinating street with an intriguing history
  • Sainte Catherine Street – The heart of Montreal’s shopping district, Downtown, Montreal (McGill, Peel, Guy Metro)
  • Underground City – Map PDF – Over 15 miles of brightly lite tunnels, restaurants and boutiques. There are four separate sectors, Alexis Nihon (Atwater Metro), McGill/Place Ville Marie (McGill/Bonaventure Metro), Place des Arts (Place des Arts Metro) and UQAM (Berri-UQAM Metro). The most elaborate of the four with the widest variety of stores and restaurants is the McGill/Place Ville Marie sector.

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