Our mission is to bring your venue to the forefront of the nightclub scene. We have decided to host your venue on MTLChic as a Featured venue.

MTL AtNight on Facebook:

On MTL AtNight you will receive a Social Push, and a place to push your events and promo videos. Get a huge Facebook Boost on MTL AtNight and reach thousands in our network.


This concept will showcase all of Montreal’s great djs. You are now finally able to have a space online where fans can follow you, and view your events, and special nights. Own your profile now.

MTL Chic makes it easy for new customers to find your business. Here’s more benefits you’ll enjoy:

Featured placement. Your profile appears as “featured”. Display your logo or an icon and more..

Maximum exposure. List your business profile and receive a Free Social Push, and Business Scan.

Simple to manage. Access your account 24/7 and make unlimited updates to your profile.

Expert service. We use Social Media Marketing strategies to increase your profile traffic.

24/7 Customer support. Contact us any time for assistance at 1-888-672-5379 or contact us.

All of this is for 30 days FREE. Spread the word, and INVITE your friends to our network.

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