How technology is changing our lives

Mar 06 2015

How technology is changing our lives

Technology is changing our lives in a big way, both positively and negatively. We are now able to move faster, communicate easily, perform our tasks easily and fast. In fact many are wondering how they used to manage without the high tech devices in their possession today. We have become accustomed to these devices and they are part of our lives.

With an internet enabled device, you can keep in touch regardless of the location. When it comes to the matters of the heart, distance is no longer an issue. Long distance relationships are thriving since the means of communication have improved, you can call your partner, chat, video call or even hangout in popular social media networks. You can take photos and videos and post them real time, such that when your loved one has a taken a trip to some far away places he or she will not miss important events back home, all this courtesy of technology.

On the flipside, technology has made cheating so easy, with mobile phones, a straying partner will communicate with the clandestine lovers behind your back, you can be having a dinner date with your partner but they are busy chatting with their lovers. We have also become accustomed to these devices such that it is affecting our lives , addiction to internet and social media networks has resulted to lack of meaningful social interactions. Technology has brought both positive and negative effects.

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