Endless pursuit of happiness

Mar 06 2015

Endless pursuit of happiness

Our lives are characterized by tension, if we are not busy chasing deals we are in a situation where happiness is the last thing to think about. This is a sad state of affairs, if we want to lead a quality life we should pursue happiness, it can be difficult given the nature of the world we living in but a little bit of trying will get us there. Indulging yourself into a healthy and sincere relationship with others is the begging of happiness, when you care about others there are high chances that this will be replicated therefore adding flavor into our lives. Fall in love and also love; you will be one of the happiest folks in the world.

In life we should endlessly be in pursuit of happiness, doing things that excite us, being nice to others and above all reciprocating the love. When we surround ourselves with people who are happy, they will infect us with happiness adding value into our lives, on the other hand when those around us are unhappy there is likely to be a similar effect. We should try to make a difference in others life but do not try so hard such that you are affected, if you have tried to make others happy and its not working, at least you can say you tried, your life matters more than anything else therefore do not be afraid to pursue happiness, that’s the only way you can guarantee quality life.

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