Dating: do's and don'ts

Mar 06 2015

Dating: do’s and don’ts

After a period of searching, you have found your match; you would like to get to know her better before taking it to the next level. There are some things that you need to know to make sure the relationship works. Here are the do and don’ts when dating.

If you have arranged for a date, make sure you get on time, girls hate being kept waiting, you may do it once and get a way with it but if it happens twice or thrice and there is no convincing explanation, you will be in the single lane before you know it. Show that you are interested, smile a lot and make her happy and she will all be yours. Crack jokes that make her laugh, show that you enjoy her company and she will be in your arms before too long.

Do not insist on splitting the bill , in fact always make a point of paying the bill , do not pressure her to foot the bill and even when she volunteers , do not be so quick to accept. If you are not in a position to foot, ask her politely to assist, this way she will know you are an open person and are not afraid to ask for assistance when necessary. Do not bring the issues of sex too soon, wait until the opportune moment, such a time when you are comfortable with each other, if you bring in the issue too early she will think that you are only dating her for sex and she will be gone in the next minute.

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