5 FREE Added Services come with your HD Rich Media Profiles:


*Receive these 5 free services once you sign up.

FREE HD Rich Media Profile

Your HD Rich Media Business Profile is Full Featured:

Once you Sign Up to MtlChic.com you will receive a FREE profile: (available with 1 year or more subscriptions ONLY)

With each business profile you will receive: Google Map to Location, Integrated Street View Header, Integrated HD Video in Header, Integrated HD Video in Slideshow, Social Media Active Links, Google Directions (Mobile Ready), Reviews, Ratings, Contact Information, Bookings & Reservation Numbers,  and much more…

*Available to all who claim or setup a profile on www.mtlchic.com.

Social Push

Once you activate your HD Rich Media Profile we give you a big push through our Social Network

This includes:

Once you have created your HD Rich Media Business Profile,  MtlChic will post your business profile link on 10+ of our social networks, which includes some of the most popular social media networks online.

This is a “one of a kind” service provided by MtlChic.com! Some networks include: Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Vube, Yahoo, Youtube, and more…

*Available to all who claim or setup a profile on www.mtlchic.com.

Website Review

Once you activate your HD Rich Media Profile we review your website

This includes:

A team of web design professionals will review and point out updated features that may benefit and help grow your online presence and make your website better. We make sure you are Responsive to all current mobile devices. Your website is important to compliment your business and most our clients trust us 100% to make sure you stay up and running at full capacity. Stabilize and speed up your website,

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Mobile App Review

Once you activate your HD Diamond Profile we will help determine a Mobile App Solution to help your business grow

This includes:

Once your website review is complete, we will move one step forward and suggest the best possible Mobile App solution for your business. Every company will have a Mobile App or be quickly left behind in this ever changing world of the smartphone. Stats show customers browse their phone 85% more than on their personal computers for products and services. Keep this in mind!

Since the evolution of the smartphone, most of your competition have already developed their business application, and if you have not, this means you are not even in the game. This FREE review will show you how you can clearly benefit from a Mobile App Solution.

It’s way easier than you may think, and we can help! Remember: most searches done online in fact are done mostly on smartphones.

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OBPS – Online Business Pro Scan

Get an important business scan on “other“ networks to validate your correct business information

We encourage this service, it will ensure your business information is listed correctly wherever you may appear online.

MtlChic offers this program to all looking to make sure their business information stays consistent across many other business networks, and directories. We complete a scan of the most popular business resources online to make sure your info is current and up-to-date. This scan also shows you where you “could be” listed for better online results.

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