10 Reasons it's great to be a man

Mar 06 2015

10 Reasons it’s great to be a man

i. Isn’t being a man great, here are ten reasons why most of us think so.
ii. You are allowed to be untidy, and that is why you need a woman to make you tidy and organized
iii. You can be with the boys for hours watching football but you are not afraid he is getting made at you
iv. You take life easily; when it comes to doing your knife you can comfortable “do” them using the pocket knife
v. When it comes to the wedding plans, they comfortably take care of themselves, you are not worried.
vi. When you are well built, nicely dressed and at times with a heavy wallet, every woman want to get a piece of you.
vii. If you are the type that loves children, you can get several at the same time
viii. No matter how you sleep around , you will never get pregnant , but make sure every time you do it , you are protected otherwise you may catch some bad diseases or accidently get somebody pregnant and be required to pay maintenance fees.
ix. You do not have to change your hairstyle so often; in fact you can don one for ten years and still feel comfortable
x. You can wear the same suit twice and not feel guilty
xi. When with the boys, you can fart and there is no big deal
xii. If you slept out, you do not have to worry about your hair; can wear the same underwear twice.
xiii. All the days of the months are all the same, you are not afraid that you left the house without the pads, you are certainly sure that you will not mess yourself up
xiv. You will never find yourself in a labor ward screaming, you finish it off with an ejaculation and you are never worried about a bulging stomach
xv. You can get away with anything; you only need to say “it wasn’t me!”

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