10 Do's on your first date

Mar 06 2015

10 Do’s on your first date

Its your first date , you want to make an impression that will last increasing the chance of success in your relationship , here are ten do’s that will help you in achieving this.

1. Get to the venue on time, in fact some minutes before the actual date so that you can survey the place and make sure it meets the standards. This gives you ample time to prepare and also be there to meet her when she arrives.

2. Treat her like a queen, make sure you open her car door, push the chairs, she will feel special and soon or later she will be all yours

3. Talk to the waiters politely, if you are rude you will score lowly and that might be the end of it.

4. Be real, do not try to fake it, women love people who show their true nature, do not try so hard to impress, you may fall flatly and that will make the end of a short stint.

5. Insist on paying the bills, at no time should you allow your date to foot the bill, it was your date, give her a treat.

6. Do not bring in some controversial issues, matters of religion; ethnicity past sexual stints should be approached with care.

7. Give a warm hug but do not get too suggestive, if she is comfortable, you can hold her close but be prepared to pull off immediately you notice she is uncomfortable.

8. Sex on the first date is a big NO not unless you are looking for a short stint.

9. Drop her home after the date, this will show her that you care.

10. Call to thank her for the date, tell her how you enjoyed the company and you are looking forward to the next meeting.

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