10 compliments every girl wants to hear

Mar 06 2015

10 compliments every girl wants to hear

Sometimes words work magic, you do not need to give her gifts, the mere choice of words will make her love you more.
1. Beautiful is a word that every woman would like to hear, when it is used often and in a genuine way it helps build her confidence. Often tell her she is beautiful.
2. When complementing, be specific, if she has a new hairstyle compliment her, tell he she looks nice in that attire and she will love you for that.
3. Assure her, that she is the only one. Women do not like competition; therefore if you assure her that she is the most important person in your life, you will have won her heart.
4. Genuinely say “thank you “even for the little things that she does to you.
5. When she cooks for you a delicious meal, compliment her culinary skills, it will only make her better.
6. When she is great in bed, make her know it, tell her you enjoy every moment.
7. Appreciate for her time, when she finds time to spend with you, do not take it for granted, tell her that you are grateful and she will always be by your side.
8. Tell her how her how much you enjoy her company, make her know that you cherish every minute you are together and she will feel happy and appreciated.
9. When she spots a nice ring, ornament, dress or a sexy outfit, make her know that you like it, tell her how nice it looks on her, recognize her efforts to look sexy.
10. Tell her she has a nice and shapely figure and she will feel confident.
Bonus. Tell her you love her for whom she is , and make it sound good do not let it appear as if you are doing her privilege by being with her , let her know it’s a genuine commitment.

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